An expansion on the acronym fomo, fear of missing out. Fashion fomo is a need and/or want to be up to date with everything current and fashionable, ranging from but not limited to fashion, food, travel and luxury goods. A feeling of anxiety when not being first in or missing out on an item, bargain, place or event.
Being late the warehouse sale of your favourite brand, and missing out on all of the items in your size at half price, if you're now wishing you were a size 18 just to buy that amazing dress left hanging on the rack, you have a serious case of fashion fomo.
by Fashionfomo July 29, 2014
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"fear of missing out" in terms of hooking up with somebody. hooking up for fear that the opportunity will not present itself again.
Due to his fomo-sexual tendencies, Sally hooked up with the mediocre guy.
by SallyAnn Schoenfeld December 23, 2008
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The opposite of "mofo"
The opposite of mofo, come out this isnt hard
You fomo!
You are the dumbest fomo I have ever seen.
by Gil F. October 14, 2002
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When you're queer and go out with your straight friends and you can't keep up or follow along with all the heterosexual socializing. The fear of missing out and not understanding what all the non-queers are talking about.
-Raquel tried going out for a girls night with Becky and Taylor, but had homo fomo when none of the guys were hitting on her, even though she didn't want them to.

-I'll have too much homo fomo if I watch The Bachelor. Too many straight people on one screen to find someone to empathize with.
by socialcaterpillar February 12, 2017
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A Fomo is a glove slapping mofo
hey jonny why dont you fuck off you Fomo.
by joe jackson(mojo jojo) September 25, 2008
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Tell that FoMo, you have to cook pork before you eat it.
by TrunkJunker June 14, 2009
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That friend that is constantly guilting you into social situations you don't want to be in. The one that never hesitates to remind you how every quiet night you spend in is going to flash before your eyes as you lie on your deathbed in agony.
Bro: "Yo Delta Chi is throwing again tonight, you been cranky af lately, we're getting you your nut tonight"

You: " Eh, man we partied all week I actually made plans to get up early and hike with that girl I like. I might stay in this time"

Bro: "Dude stop being such a pussy. You only live one life, you need to live it to the fullest and not leave me hanging"

You (mumbling under your breath): "Why am I friends with this Fomo Fascist?" (As you reach for your axe spray and button down with your tail between your legs).
by TheRealL162 February 16, 2021
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