Justin has FOMO hard. He can't come to see the Chillies tonight coz he couldn't get off work.
by StoneColdFox October 8, 2008
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- A fake homosexual, Man whom tries to score chicks by being sensitive and by dressing very well. also called metrosexual.
by sketch October 14, 2004
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fear of missing out

just go anyways and if not get someone to tell you what happened
i really don't want to go to the dance but #fomo
by idefineshit June 3, 2015
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Usually when your friends are off out, you try to stay in but as they start pre drinking you get fomo and end up going out so you don't miss out on a good night-the zorro's of life get it alot (see zorro)
by agatha cristie October 21, 2013
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remember that time you sucked my dick? Yeah, it was so fomo.
by lolsen September 21, 2013
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When someone is picking on you for no reason. And they say don't let your FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) stop you from leaving this hangout.
You can answer with, "You can just FOMO (Fuck Off Mate Orrite)
by Inspir4zione March 30, 2015
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Pronunciation (rhymes with homo); pop culture acronym: an individual who is obsessed with all aspects of emerging cellular phone technology esp. Blackberry and I-Phone, slang- a phone geek that unlocks or hacks cell phones and PDA's.
John is a true FOMO, he has the new I-Phone app before it's even available.
by gp1069 September 14, 2009
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