someone who pretends to be a homosexual for a unexplainable reason but is actually not.

Stands for "Fake-homo"
guy 1: "omg i am a homosexual, i love vagina"

guy 2: "you are a fomo!"
by MarcellJ January 24, 2011
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Originating in 1994, the "Feast of Maximum Occupancy" is an annual gathering held in the city of Richmond Heights, Missouri between the Ides of March and St. Patrick's Day, or on the nearest Saturday to St. Patrick's Day. The stated goal is to gather as many persons into the building as possible, hence "maximum occupancy", though it is believed the event originated as a celebration of achieving maximum roommate occupancy and hence lowering rent payments to the smallest possible amount.
Hey, FOMO is this Saturday, let's go!
by Lisa Mestel March 17, 2006
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An abbreviated word for the two words of Fucking Homo
A name for a fucking homo
You Fomo!
That Fomo killed me and I was one kill away from a tactical nuke!
by xsteelerd56x November 01, 2011
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I didn't want to come to this party, but I got FOMOS when everybody else started talking about what a great time they would have.
by atangren August 11, 2012
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