Nikki:Hey I have FOMO

Brie: what's FOMO

Nikki:the fear of missing out
by Emolina11 November 01, 2015
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A few things:
-Fear of missing out
-Fear of missed opportunities
-Fear of maniacal overlords
-Fear of massive obliteration
I watch the news to quell my fomo, only for it to bring forth every other kind of fomo.
by FresnoNightcrawler June 19, 2019
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Fomo is another way to say Fear of missing out

Fomo is the fear that if you miss an activity you will regret it. Even if you don't want to do the activity you are afraid that is you don't do it you will miss something
Avery only came out with us because she had a lot of Fomo
Avery only got drunk because if she didn't she thought she would feel fomo
by notafanofagirlnamedaveryyy September 18, 2018
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Hey man, do you feel the fomoe too?

Nah, he’s staying one moe month bro!
by Moejowithwords July 04, 2021
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fear of missing out everyone; when you've had delusionary past and then you suddenly realise its not what your future holds! you fomoe yourself into utter disdain; a psychological disorder.
Hey that girl R on bumble has a delusionary disorder, she's in some fomoe trance!
by sundar.higher April 13, 2021
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Face FOMO is a more isolated and intense type of FOMO (Fear of missing out) in regard to someone's face. It is typically coupled with crying into one's pillow or eating excessive bowls of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream. The only cure is staring at the object's face for which the Face FOMO exists for extended amounts of time without blinking.
Jocelyn formed a severe case of Face FOMO for her bae when she went overseas for a 6 month study abroad in Trinkantabala.
by NWE12 January 07, 2016
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