Person A: Yo, wyd you wait so late to invite me, i got serious fomo
by eci,d;t/[okdsh7 August 13, 2018
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David has to listen to every gossip. He has a serious case of FOMO
by heehoohaa April 3, 2017
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friend: I have FOMO after Regina didn’t invite me to her party
other friend: Dude don’t worry! I have your back if I’m invited somewhere I’ll defo invite you too.
by piercedhoe69420 July 22, 2020
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Fear of missing out.

1. An unreasonable and illogical state of mind that is nearly, completely overwhelmed by reckless emotion, mistakingly believing that if one does not participate in a particular event, one's life would be rendered much worse than the present.

2. First definition applied specifically to traders and investors of the stock market, having a fixed-false belief that a lack of participation in a given moment would completely ruin their day, maybe even their lives.
Trader Tom: Yo, man, it's 9:30 and $BMAC is tanking RIGHT NOW!! I gotta short this stock before it's too late!
Trader Joe: No, dude!! You got FOMO! Don't chase! Wait for a better set-up!

Trader Jane: I had a bad case of FOMO today. I got in $TURD and $DUMP at all the wrong places! I lost BIG TIME!
Trader Jack: That's rough, girl. Next time just wait for better entries!

High schooler #1: Man, I hate my parents! I'm grounded and they won't let me go to Darla's party!
High schooler #2: Don't get FOMO, you idiot! You already promised to play XBOX with me, you freak of nature! And Darla hates you anyway!
by richesndreams May 16, 2019
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literally "fear of missing out" but when all your friends are doing things without you and you have to see it via social media
I had FOMO when I saw the squad out without me
by bababananas May 22, 2017
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