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A folk hipster is sub category of hipster that are usually recognized by their "mountain man " beards and earthy wardrobe (Boys: beards, flannel , boots , straight legged pants,any woodsy animal jewelry or printed shirts, messy curls , worn out pants, suspenders Girls : Overly floral button ups, shawl neck sweaters , wavy to curly hair , victorian jewelry,riding/military boots, anything retro 1900-1930's ,any woodsy or native american vibe clothes .

Bands they listen to :

fleet foxes
j illman
iron and wine
the cave singers
kings of leon ( even if they are mainstream and hate hipsters despite the fact that they're all major folk hipsters)
deverdra banhart
vashti bunyan
first aid kit
boy & bear
nick drake
bon iver
sin fang bous

mumford & sons
Joanna newson
wild beasts
au revoir simone
freelance whales

fever ray
sea wolf
lord huron
the antlers
the mountain goats
peggy sue and the pirates***
Look , that folk hipster came into starbucks with no shoes on .
Those folk hipsters dont seem to be trying to be hipsters ...but they really are ...which makes them that much more deck.

Caleb Followill and Samual beam are such folk hipsters

Folk hipsters sure do look like amish people.
by thewildbeast93 November 11, 2010
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