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When your phone vibrates, and when you check, it just displays the time...

Inspired by the scene in "Superbad" where Fogle (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) turns to Nicola (Aviva (III)), in the hallway, and says "Uuuhhh... Its 10:33", and runs off...
** Phone Vibrates **

guy 1: "Dude, I bet its that cute chick from yesterday"
guy 2: "Doubt it..."

** eagerly checks phone **

guy 2: "Damn!!! stupid Fogle phone!"
guy 1: "... then why did it vibrate?"
guy 2: "... Cuzz its a fucking Fogle phone, that's why!"
guy 1: "... ahh."

** Phone vibrates Again**

guy 1: "You gonna check that?"
guy 2: "... fuck it. I know what time it is."
by Credits to V August 10, 2010
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