Derrogatory term used by surfers to describe bodyboarders, in reference to the fact that body boards are constructed of foam.
by Capt. America is Dead August 26, 2009
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A person who either:
A. Calls someone a Foamer, for simply disagreeing with them.
B. Cares enough about the fact that someone might think they are a foamer that they would make an exclamation that they are not a foamer
or C. Purposely acts in a certain way for the purpose of not being considered a foamer.
The Foamer actively avoided any actions which could portray him as a foamer.
by Donald X Johnson November 14, 2007
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Foamer (n.): a person who can't communicate with anyone, without going off about how Trump is (saving/destroying) our nation, who's oppressed (or privileged) or an issue that is so f*cking important nobody should do ANYTHING until it's remedied to the foamer's satisfaction.
Here comes Bob, he's such a foamer; everything he talks about anymore is political.
by AJ1427 January 27, 2017
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One who is consumed by the Fear Of Missing Out.
Those foamers are making everything anxiety ridden and not fun.
by Feceis May 14, 2018
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