An adjective used to describe certain rail enthusiasts that think every old EMU / DMU / Diesel Locomotive / Electric Locomotive are better then any and ever new train that is built They also climax at the any sort of thrash or horn they get.
You can spot a foamer by what they were or what they carry
they usually have an iPad and a tripod or some shitty camera and are aged between 16 - 150 years old
Person 1: The Class 319 is a good train and the Class 700 is a crap train
Person 2: God you are such a foamer, the Class 319s are awful.
by Mr ScoutZz[OBJ] November 15, 2020
Derrogatory term used by surfers to describe bodyboarders, in reference to the fact that body boards are constructed of foam.
by Capt. America is Dead August 26, 2009
Somebody who has uncontrollable fits of rage who is usually a quite and introverted person. Possibly the result of Asperger syndrome or poor social skills a foamer is not in control of there emotions when in a stressful situation and they are often considered social rejects by some.
Chad- “what are you doing bro!!!”
Foamer - “leave me alone I’m doing revision
Chad- “your a nerd bro”
Foamer “fuck off (attacks Chad)”
by Nerd crushed June 18, 2021
The Ultimate Individual Who Likes Golden Nectar Of The Alcoholic Type

Also know as 'To Foam'
by GOAT Foamer September 12, 2018
Foamer (n.): a person who can't communicate with anyone, without going off about how Trump is (saving/destroying) our nation, who's oppressed (or privileged) or an issue that is so f*cking important nobody should do ANYTHING until it's remedied to the foamer's satisfaction.
Here comes Bob, he's such a foamer; everything he talks about anymore is political.
by AJ1427 January 27, 2017
A person who either:
A. Calls someone a Foamer, for simply disagreeing with them.
B. Cares enough about the fact that someone might think they are a foamer that they would make an exclamation that they are not a foamer
or C. Purposely acts in a certain way for the purpose of not being considered a foamer.
The Foamer actively avoided any actions which could portray him as a foamer.
by Donald X Johnson November 14, 2007
A customer at a Starbucks Coffee shop that requests for his or her latte to be handed off with no foam on top. The customer believes that because the foam contains tiny bubbles of air, they are getting less of a drink, therefore, no foam means more bang for their buck.
"Oh great here comes that snobby no foamer again.. maybe this time he'll ask for extra hot too.. complex bastard"

"Don't worry Shawn, i'll make sure he has no foam on his latte, and i'll add a wad of spit in the bottom of his cup."
by Baristaboy723 December 31, 2009