A foamer is a rail fan, most likely someone who has just gotten into the hobby, who foams at the mouth when they see a train.
"The foamer's mouth foamed at the UP Big Boy passing by."
by a idiot lol September 03, 2019
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Used by professionals in the theme-park industry to describe hard-core fans of theme parks, amusement parks, and attractions.

As a fan base, they get so excited about something that they start foaming at the mouth.
Those foamers over at the MousePlanet discussion boards are freaking out about the latest Epcot rumors.
by eticket October 12, 2010
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(1) One who talks alot of non-sense and completely lies about something or someone. (hense having foam in ones mouth and not being able to understand them)

(2) An asshole who says something about someone but doesn't have the courage to back it up.
(1)Dude, He's such a foamer hes choking himself.
(2)He talked shit and didn't even show up for the fight, what a foamer.
by Snwpaint32 June 15, 2007
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When a male's penis is not erect, but completely down either. Usually occurs in between the two. (See also: Chubby)
<Girl> Wow! Peter has a huge cock!
<Guy> Nah, it's just a foamer.
by p-viddy April 21, 2004
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Derrogatory term used by surfers to describe bodyboarders, in reference to the fact that body boards are constructed of foam.
by Capt. America is Dead August 26, 2009
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A person who either:
A. Calls someone a Foamer, for simply disagreeing with them.
B. Cares enough about the fact that someone might think they are a foamer that they would make an exclamation that they are not a foamer
or C. Purposely acts in a certain way for the purpose of not being considered a foamer.
The Foamer actively avoided any actions which could portray him as a foamer.
by Donald X Johnson November 14, 2007
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