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The new slang way of saying "for sure dog" for most words add 'Izzle' to it.
Fo' shizzle dizzle, its the big neptizzle with the snoopy d-o double gizzle (begining of snoop sogg's song From The Chuch To Tha Palace)
by Chelsea November 27, 2003
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for sure dog
-dog meanign buddy
-you wanna smack that crack ho for taking my money?
-fo shizzle dizzle
by jonathan November 21, 2003
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Something like Oh yea for sure that's great!!
Another definition is Yea!
Can be used by either blacks or whites it doesn't matter
Clowey: Girl you workin that look!!
Sadie: Fo Shizzle Dizzle!!
by meg October 25, 2003
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fo shizzle dizzle yo - an extension of the already-slang 'fo sho' meaning 'for sure', but made a lot more awesome. Fo shizzle dizzle yo is a lot more fun than saying just 'yes'.
Libby: Wanna go to a gig?
Ella: Fo shizzle dizzle yo, I'd love to!
by fluffie July 23, 2012
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It's off the hook for sure, dog! (literal translation)

Means: It's great stuff, my friend!
In the Girls Gone Wild commercial, Snoop says, wrt his "Doggy Style" GGW video:
It's off the hizzle fo shizzle, dizzle!
by Adrian March 13, 2003
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