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When one sticks there penis into a girls ear and while simultaniously taking a bowling pin and sticking it up her ass. During this time the girl is trying to play a xbox but cant hear the game becuase she temperarally becomes deaf after the guy has been fucking her in both ears. This makes whatever game she is playing more of a challange. Also the fact that there is a bowling pin being rammed up her butt doesnt make it any easier. After the girl has beat whatever game she is playing, the guy takes the bowling pin out of her ass then quickly puts the controller in before the butt hole shrinks. Then the guy finishes off by taking a dump in the girls mouth then says "Game over Bitch" then walks away after tying her up to a chair. Then he walks out and leaves her sitting there. A few days later the guy can choose to go back and then take her to the hospital or leave her there with a xbox controller in her ass
Last night Brock gave this hoe a Flying Kimia and she loved it!
by Brock The Rock March 02, 2008
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