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Possibly the cutest cartoon character ever made. From the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP FiM) She is known for her incredible shyness, love of nature, and being the most kind, caring, thoughtful being in existence. Emotionally unstable at times, she tends to be afraid of everything, and at one point hid from her own shadow, while at other times, such as when she or her friends are endangered, goes into a rage that can make a full grown dragon cry. She also has an unnaturally strong connection with animals, and can understand them where others cannot. She had a staring contest with a cockatrice (a creature who's stare turns you to stone) and won, scaring the living hell out of it in the process. She represents the repressed person in all of us.
Non brony: what are you watching
Brony: My Little Pony
Non Brony: Why?
Brony: *Shows Fluttershy*
Non Brony: She's adorable and badass at the same time!
by DeadlyNightshadeZ November 02, 2011
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The yellow pony from My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic.
Fluttershy is a pegasus (Has wings) and as her name describes her, she's usually timid and quiet, but she will always stand up for her friends.

She's one of the main characters of MLP, and has yellow fur, turquoise eyes and a pink tail and mane.
Her cutie mark consists of three pink butterflies with a blue body.

Fluttershy also has a passion for animals, and usually spends her time in the forest with them, but she's scared of adult dragons.

She came from Cloudsdale, a city up on the clouds above Equestria. Fluttershy wasn't as good in flying as the others, and was bullied and was called names like Klutzershy, but Rainbow Dash stood up for her.
Fluttershy: ...ʸᵃʸ............wait was that too loud?
by KikiMeowz August 06, 2011
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A character from My Little Pony, yellow colored pony with pink hair. She is very kind and shy. She is very good with animals and different critters. She is also very quiet. She is a Pegasus (has wings), but doesn't really like flying. She lives in a cottage with her critters on the ground in Ponyville rather than in the clouds in Cloudsdale. She can't fly really fast either, like her friend Rainbow Dash. She is also very afraid of dragons, but can still be able to tame it. She has a pet bunny named Angel. She is one of the main characters from My Little Pony.
"You can't be such a pushover, Fluttershy!"
by Fluttershy 23 February 19, 2015
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Fluttershy is a character in the popular TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Sporting long pink hair as well as yellow skin and feathers, she's seen as an introvert and shy kind of character. She, like Rainbow Dash She can sometimes be assertive, as seen in Season 1, but this was scrapped in Season 3.

The older, male fanbase (bronies) like her because of how cute she can be, and she is also seen as one of the most hated characters in My Little Pony due to her fanbase. In humanisations of My Little Pony (excluding the official movie, Equestria Girls), she is typically drawn with inflated breasts.
"Fluttershy isn't the best pony, but she's pretty cute."
by Kyubert June 08, 2013
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The incredibly annoying, overrated Mary-Sue of the mane 6.
Evidence supporting that Fluttershy is a Mary-Sue:
1) Wrestling a bear, reforming Discord, taking on a dragon, staring down a cockatrice, becoming the hulk, and the "stare" don't seem at least a little ridiculously perfect to you....?
2)The only flaws that the show or the fans bother to acknowledge are "too shy" (which is often disregarded as "cuteness") or "too nice". No one bothers to acknowledge the actual problems in her character. Yes, I admit that she is a little kind, but she's not exactly selfless (for instance, being too much of a pussy to want to help Twilight when she was banned from Ponyville in "Magic Duel". Her cowardice and whinyness nearly caused her friends to get killed in "Dragonshy". But apparently, that's ok, because she's just too "adorable" to stay mad at so it's ok that she let's her timidness bring danger to others). Eeyup. According to her fans, these are all "good" and "cute" flaws.

3) Did I mention the fact that she's also a model and a great singer? DEFINETLY NOT A MARY-SUE.
by SorryForExposingFluttershit March 20, 2014
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Possibly the worst and most annoying cartoon character ever created. When she isn't whining, crying, and being an overall pathetic loser, she is raging and acting like a complete bitch. Her fanbase is even worse then the sonic fanbase, and will attack anyone who doesn't worship her or talk about her like she is a god. As a human she is usually drawn with an oversized chest.
Fluttershy is worst pony. She is such a passive-aggresive cunt and her fanbase is so annoying.
by BrutalHonesty November 29, 2013
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