A season where the flu is common and parents tell their children it’s flu season so they don’t kiss
Hey daughter are you going to your boyfriend’s house if so remember it’s flu season.
by Mr succc November 4, 2018
Flu season that sexy time of year where everyone is getting the flu so when your priest molests you while having the flu and spreads it to you he can say oh well it's flu season
My father says it's flu season so no messing about
by Oh yas November 4, 2018
The time of year where man flu starts to set in and spread from one man to another. Usually quite late or early in the year, around winter time.
Dave: Best be on your guard mate.
Billy: Why?
Dave: It's man flu season, don't want to catch it do you?
Billy: Hell no!!
by Stotty146 October 5, 2010
The flu that looks like a pussy compared to The Swine.
"I think I've got The Seasonal Flu."

"At least you don't have The Swine. It's A LOT worse."
by southparkrox October 12, 2009
Replaces "Cold and Flu Season": why? because Covid is endemic and not going away.
Colvid and Flu season is around the corner so make sure to get your shots!
by palmerj December 29, 2022