A word made by the rapper “Jacob Cass” in his song Susano’o Flow and should not be used in any circumstances without his permission. Usually illegal if used without permission. Can result to 25+ years in prison.
“I used the word Flow in my new song. Should I credit Jacob Cass?”
by Lesnar1204 March 20, 2021
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A hockey term referring to a players hair. Long hair coming out of the back of a players helmet. When the player is skating you see his locks blowing in the wind. It is also sometimes referred to as lettuce.
Erik Karlsson has the best flow in the NHL.

That guy has luscious flow coming out of his helmet.
by Dbuk35 March 07, 2016
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A hairstyle for men in which the hair, preferably wavy or curly, is worn long and swept back behind the ears.

Most often worn with a hat so that the back of the hair "flows" from underneath.

Depsite claims from the hockey and lacrosse communities to have started the trend, flows were first popularized by baseball players across the US.

"Did you see deGrom pitch last night?"
"Yeah, dude's flow is sick."

"Bro, your hair is long ass hell, flow that shit."

"Dansby Swanson is the #FlowGod for real."
by babybiscuit March 03, 2017
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Bro 1: "the hunnies at this bar are hot"
Bro 2: "flow"
by leato November 17, 2008
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