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See also: Erdenhiem (old people centeral), Wyndmorr(rich borderline Chestnut Hill area), and Oreland ("Who the Hell Actually Lives There?"/ Sketchball central)Flourtown is a small town located in Springfeild Twp. in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The small area is one of four towns that comprize Springfeild Twp. Flourtown mainly consists of three kinds of people. The first group is the massive concentration of crotchity old people who will,unprevoked, call the cops (who have nothing better to do) on you. The second group of people is the teens who attend Springfeild Highschool. These students either spend their time doing copious amounts of drugs (namely pot), pretending to be african american (see G-Mof) acting like they belong back in south philadephia, or just generally reflecting on how much Springfeild sucks. The general SHS populus in Flourtown tends to flee the area on weekends because of the restrictive eleven o'clock curfew,cops with sandy vaginas, and complete lack of things to do. The last group of Flourtown residents are the children who attend private schools. These "lucky" kids recieve a "better" education at catholic or non catholic private schools. Their parents have realized that no one really actually learns anything with SHS's shody system and thus have submitted them to being otherwise tortured at an unspecified school. Many residents choose to send thier offspring too nearby schools such as the all boy's Lasalle or all girls Mount. Lasalle consists of boys with too much money, drugs, and time, while Mount girls just permantly apear better then everyone else, but really just clog up the local Starbucks at three o'clock. Flourtown's mainstreet is the endlessly busy Bethlehem Pike. This road really just has too many paintstores, pharmacies, and abandoned buildings. Patheticly enough, even our Starbucks (the only tollerable hangout) is not trendy. The one main attraction of Flourtown is "The Park". Flourtown residents write off the park as a place for drug transfers (the pit) and crazy fishermen, but is really just a nice place to take people from out of town so they don't think that Flourtown is just a bunch of Supermarkets and abandoned stores. For some unknown reason people in the Springfeild area act as if we have multiple parks and prefer to refer to it as "Fort Washington" Park.
No one actually likes Flourtown, and all anyone does is loiter.
by veganpancakes April 22, 2006
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