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A female Floridian who lives for the next provider of free drinks, shelter, drugs and food, in that order. The provider does not have to be rich, but a nice car or motorcycle is a must. The Florida whore has a life cycle three times of that of regular whores due to the nice climate, laid-back lifestyle and older-skewing population. Where a regular whore must hang it up after 30 or lower her standards, a Florida whore can feed from providers and go to the beach every day until she is 45 or older.
Florida whore identifiers: Bleached crispy hair, tan but with a zillion freckles from sun damage, smokes, can pack all belongings in one knock-off designer bag for quick travel to the next boyfriend's apartment, drinks Bud Light but can switch to Grey Goose if someone else is paying, clothing consists of tube tops, cutoff shorts and flip-flops, never has money but her nails are always immaculate.
This dude paid for Brenda's drinks last night and took her for a ride in his Acura. She'll meet us at the beach bar after she drops her stuff off at his place. Being a Florida Whore has paid off for Brenda about ten years now.
by Acts of Janice July 19, 2011
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A woman who continuously and unsuccessfully dates/sleeps around/remarries until she is well into old age and retirement, i.e. is old enough to retire and live in Florida. Used in the "Brothers and Sisters" episode of Family Guy.
Did you see Jenny? She's onto divorce number nine and she's fucking that dude at the gym. She's going to make one sad but super hot florida whore someday.
by MissMandy90 April 18, 2011
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Any younger woman or man who seeks a relationship with a wealthy Golden Girl/Guy from Florida for material benefit. He/she cares more about a a partner's bank account than she does about the partner.
Hey, who's that young kid with Betty White? He's nearly half her age?

Yeah, but's he's half-plus-seven so they're alright. He's a Florida Whore though, he's been with all the Golden Girls.
by dreaded-one April 28, 2011
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A term coined on the Fox Televison animated program entitled "Family Guy" during a Stewie Griffin flashback wherein Stewie is riding in the bitch seat adorned in long blonde hair with arms clutching the stereotypical Hell's Angel biker dudenreicher while riding down the wind whipped Florida coastline.
Blake: "Hey Causey, that joke on Family Guy would have been funnier to me if I knew what a Florida Whore was. Check Urban Dictionary ya dick inhaler.

Jon Causey: "Settle down queefsryche, Ima goin', Ima goin'"

*looks it up*

Jon Causey: "Nothing to be found, Master Blaker"

Blake: "Ravenscrap! We may just have to make one up ourselves..."
by Danimal150 April 21, 2011
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