An individual that is only aware of what goes on in their own head. No body awareness to speak of and no concern for the rest of the world. They believe everything they think and don't care to understand anything or anyone else. They don't even understand themselves as they are only in their own head.
Mark is such a floating head. He just knocked that old lady right over to get to the bus and didn't even look to see what he hit.
by DeathfromAbove July 10, 2018
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A girl who dresses frumpy or comfortably.
Her: How do I look?
Him: All I see is a floating head.
by Harry T Baggins January 1, 2020
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present at warehouse and you are incredibly GAKKED and your head proceeds to float away from the rest of your body.
did you see kenny last night? he was a floating head.
by kris123456 October 16, 2011
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A head that is ovally shaped and longer than it is wide. Known to float.
Daniel has a floating head.
by Daniel May 25, 2004
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Exactly what it implies: the floating head of mario from the asstastic educational game, Mario Teaches Typing 2. Says many incredible, awesome things as "Imma bet you can't do this! WEEEEEEEE!" "Oh,nice computer you got here! Can I have it" and "Oh boy! Finally imma get to move onthe ground"
Inventor of the epic "Mariocise"
Mario's floating head is awesome. Apparently he wants somethingto drinkie!
by Justin Thorson October 23, 2008
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Floating head doctor is a body with no head and a head with no body. The head often floats around while the body clumsily makes mistakes. Invented by J.D. on Scrubs.
Head: Have you seen my body!!?!?
Guy1: It's over there hurry!
Body: No, you shall never get me!!

Elliot: Sigh, it's just Floating Head Doctor again"
by parrappa August 14, 2008
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A co-worker that constantly looks over his cube wall when he hears others talking and barges in on the conversation. This person usually has the characteristic that follow:

Curly Hair
Smells like wet grass
Smells like milk
Breath smells like a rubber boot
Tells jokes that no one laughs at
FLOAD alert!!! FLOAD Alert. That dude is a complete FLOAD.
by Snake75 June 7, 2005
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