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1. A girl who shows interest but will not follow through. She will tease your member but when it comes time to get busy, she will be else where or filled with excuses as to why she can't.

2. A girl who acts interested in a male or other female but has no intent of getting down with either.

3. The bane of men and women everywhere.

4. A cock tease/Frustrating

5. The reason your gay brother in-law is gay.

6. The cause of blue balls.
Guy: "Hey you're cute, want to hang out?"
Flirty Girl: "Oh Ma Gawd, look at your muscles, you're so amazing and wonderful, Te heee!"..."But no I'm busy"

"I was flirting with this flirty girl and got her a few drinks, but later in the night, she ditched me without so much as a number to reach her at."

"You best watch yourself mate, that flirty girl will flirt you to death!"
by HipsterGuy421 August 15, 2011
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