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Flip The 6th: A combination of Flip Cup and 6 Cup Beer Pong.

Opponents take turns attempting to get 3 ping-pong balls each turn into the opponent's cups, which are placed in a triangular shape. If a player gets a ball into the other player's cup, the opponent must remove the ball, chug the beer, return the ball and try to flip their cup.

If they succeed, instead of removing that cup from the game, the cup is returned to it's previous position on the table upside down. This blocks the opponent from requesting certain re-rack positions. If they do not succeed, they must wait until their next turn to try to flip their cup again. Once the throwing player is out of ping-pong balls, then the opponent has one last chance to flip a cup. A player does not get to throw again until their empty cups have been flipped. Play goes back and forth. The game concludes when one player has completely drank all of their beer and they just need to "Flip the 6th" to win the game. (Additional rules of the house can be applied, such as "bitches blow" or "fingering the cup").

For 4 player version, play goes back and forth with each teammate taking the alternate turn. Each turn, if a player has a yet to be flipped empty cup, they must flip it before returning to play. If another ball lands in a cup on that player's turn, they must drink it and flip BOTH their cups before returning to play. Play ends the same as the 2 player version.
Scott was a old hat at Beer Pong and a fair Flip Cup player as well. In fact he excelled at anything beer related. Since visiting a frat party for the first time, he was learning all kinds of new things. Weed is much better, the beer was free and they turned him onto the game Flip the 6th! Thank god his partner could flip his cups, and the game came down to a 4 way flip off!
by Phreak9mm April 18, 2017
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