to go out of your way for a friend or family despite not wanting to in the first place. can also mean to beg for something.
"dude come on just do this one thing for me seriously im flexin nuts!" or "ive been flexin nuts for you all week man and i manged to get you an interview."
by jssc9091 March 13, 2009
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Flexin Hard is when two broskis work out everyday like a boss. Untill one moves to compton.
Broski #1: HEY bra, we flexin hard my nig?
Broski #2: Hell yea! all i do is flex hard, i dont give a SHIT!
by FunkMasterFlexx November 18, 2009
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What happens to a person(s) after 'poppin' a molly'.
Popped a molly i'm sweatin, in the club straight flexin'.
by BIG RIG June 26, 2013
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when you go for a drive in you 2017' jeep on a summer day, take the top off, put on sunglasses, while going 90 on the freeway and listening to a throwback song.
I was flexin' on these hoes last summer with my jeep
by Sebastian Smith December 1, 2018
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To use cheats and exploits to gain a competitive advantage in Counter-Strike:Source during a team tryout.
Dude did you see Carpy2 in last night's tryout?

Ya bro, he dropped a 30-bomb!

I dunno man, I think he was "Pullin a Flexin"...

Ya probably, what a fag.
by Bravo_Two January 26, 2011
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when you flexin n plexin on mfs and there nothing they can do about it
Oh shit Ej out here flexin n plexin on ppl today.
by nbc news September 15, 2019
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