Flexin: Showing off expensive items/ homes/girls. Its also a guarantee they have small penises. Always prayed upon gold diggers.
Flexin' Ex: Ricegum always FLEXIN in every "diss track'.(A.K.A. him flexin).
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by JesusMeme420 October 12, 2017
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(flax n)Verb-From the action of a males scrotum when he exerts himself or gets excited

A term meaning to exert ones dominance over another
I didnt fuck your sister man so you can stop flexin on me
by Un10nCarb1d4 May 07, 2009
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Hitting/Flirtting on a Girl/Guy via text message.
Mannn, I was flexing so hard on the chick last night with my new blackberry.
by Bryce Barrett February 08, 2011
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The "I'm available for sex" signal narcisistic weight lifters send; gender inspecific.
Butch stood before the full-length mirror flexin' and thought to himself, "What a hunk I am", and realized that he must seek a secluded place and attend to an urgent need.
by harry flashman July 26, 2003
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A common slang word used for LSD in los angeles. The word refers to an earlier version of the synthesized LSD, Flex-25. When one trips on LSD they sometimes refer to it as flexin', because when on the drug one is flexing his or hers spiritual awareness.
"Hey man, I jus picked up a grip of flexo's"
"I'm flexin' so hard the walls are starting to drip"
"Wats doins, you got any those flexo's left?"
by itshoisfonky February 16, 2009
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