To flake or fake on something or someone...
a person who doesn't do what they say they gone do...
mayne u said u was cumin over, why u b flexin on meh...

man dawg shawty be flexin meh mayne...
by JoDy b0ii April 16, 2009
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A d.j. delivering a proper set on the turntables. We're "flexin" tonight.
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
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to cliam that you have something but you are actually liein and when call upon don't have the said item
person 1: man i got $100000000000 in the bank and i'm not flexin
person 2: let me hold $5000
person 1: man it ani't in the bank it's comin in the mail
person 2: why you gotta flex so much
by k-kizzle February 07, 2007
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The act of sleeping with your friends girlfriends, female companions, or any other form of feminism they may have brought with them.
Boy 1: "Dude, I brought this girl with me."

Boy 2: "Watch out for Devonaire, he's got that flexin' look on his face."
by drdhallionsupremeteam January 12, 2013
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