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A school in Hogsmeade, Scotland, primarily for training young witches and wizards. The principal is a large elf named Professor Dumbleward whose catchphrase is "I'll see you in the courtyard."

Notable students attending this school are: Sergio and Vincent Weasley, Quidditch champions.
"Yer a wizard, Steve Shannon."-Fleming Island High School janitor Hargrint
by Conrad Oberst December 06, 2006
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A completely unoriginal school filled with boring idiots roaming the halls and outside courtyard. Everyone in this school listens to rap and and smokes weed and drinks and pops pills just to escape the boringness but unfortunately it isn't successful. This is your average school with sluts dieing for attention from every conceivable human being in sight, 85% of the guys in this school try out or play football while the other 15% play some other sport and they are all concerned with nothing more then steroids and lil wayne's new rap album. They all wear abercrombie clothes, follow fads like communists and avoid originality like the plague. Your usual day consists of some local cum dumpsters going to the front office for a dress code violation while making as big a scene as possible to attract as much attention as they possibly can. It also consists of Higher-Middle class white kids who act like their life is incredibly hard and no one understands them. Probably about 1 fight a week between guys who's dads have left them since they were 5 years old and want to take their anger out on the world. This school consits of the following races: Blacks, white people who want to be black, asians who want to be black and mexicans who want to be black.
Lucy: "Hey you want to go at Fleming Island High School?

Tammy: "Nah i dont think i want to end up as a crack whore."
by Jesus, H. Christ August 15, 2011
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School in which really sluty girls and guys attend and give everyone around them STD'S. In addition they are extemely unintellgent and spread there ignorance through peer preasure.
Girl 1: Hi, I'm a dumb blonde can i give you Aids?
Guy 1: Sure, Take it in the ass you dumb bitch!
by God February 19, 2005
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The best high school ever. In Fleming Island,FL. Has the AICE program, so it has smarter kids than Ridgeview, Clay, Oakleaf, Orange Park, Wolfson, and Robert E. Lee Highs all combined. Anyone from those schools has a worse educaton than people from FIHS, thus they can suck it. Has awesome not redneck people, and the best footbal team EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! (times infinity) (and four)
Fleming Island High School kid: Hey can you help me with this geometry problem?
Freind from Clay: Whuts maathh? All i evur lurned wuz how to grow corn and suck balls.
by pizzaman4 December 09, 2010
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