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A homo who's stuck in a time period such as the eighties, he can either be young or old, this one homo wears nuggie huggies (aka tight spedo like underwear) also wears a beat down leather jacket, and is either married to his nasty crackwhore of a wife who goes to beat down bars and smokes out of her vagina or he stays home and spends the night with rosey palm and her five sisters at his mothers house which is his place of residence and listens or sings Fleetwood Mac in his underwear
Fleetwood Sac
Dean: Who's that faggot yelling at people up on the stage, he's like 50 and he sucks
Paul: Oh that's John, we call him Fleetwood Sac, or Fleetwood, over there is his nasty-ass wife with her legs spread smoking a cigarette with her loose lips and shoving coke up her ass, that turns him on I guess.
by KingJericho December 04, 2014
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