This is a destination that has amazing food. Since the food is so good, this must be where flavor lives, and you have to get there. Commonly referenced on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Food Network.
Man I need I to buy a one way ticket to Flavor Town and go get me some Chicken Tacos at that Restaurant.
by Flavor Dude March 15, 2010
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When you mix two very not-often mixed food products and your tastebuds go on an adventure to a place know as flavor town. Flavor town either blows your mind or makes you throw up.
I went to flavor town when I dipped spicy chili Doritos into pumpkin purée.
by Mikewardpingpongballs September 26, 2022
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A new dimension full of flavor and delicious food but if you eat any of the food the dimension will become everything your worst fears are you are safe, for now.. the only person who can send you to flavor town is guy fieri
*gets in battle with guy fieri*

Guy fieri: I’m boutta send you to flavor town!
by Kursxovtzv September 27, 2019
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When you proceed to eat another mans a**.
Im going to flavor town tonight with brad.
by Hekbris hebib November 29, 2020
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