A man named Quackity or Big Q. (also a minecraft yter and full-time raider, go check him out! :)
Person 1: Quackity is such a Flatty Patty, have you seen his ass??
Person 2: I know, right??!
by lolli :] April 7, 2021
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When you have no ass and get joked in class your ass is as flat as a pancake or thin crust pizza as your ass🍕🥞
Gurllllllll you looking like a flatty patty
by mamousadisease_123 March 1, 2019
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What you get called when you don’t have enough patty to work at the The crabby patty
by The 711 Slurpee man April 28, 2021
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Flatty patty Patricia She thinks she's thicky Nikki Noah but clearly she's not she said she was thick but she's not
by NOSTOP September 30, 2020
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