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One who lacks the most important organ, a brain. One who believes that the Earth is Flat, and that space doesn't exist and is just a 'dome' around the Earth and everything is a lie told by the government.
Guy 1: How do u feel about Flat Earthers?

Guy 2: I feel that all Flat Earthers should be sent up in a rocket, and ejected into space, so their last sight will be a Spherical Earth in Space.
by Sur7 January 25, 2019
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One who is mentally retarded in the head, was dropped as a child and snorts crushed up panadol.
by FrogBoot February 09, 2018
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Someone who not only believes the Earth is flat, but will also claim any argument against their theory is government propaganda.
I hear Bob is a Flat Earther. We should send Bob up into space so he can get a harsh dose of reality.
by Gatch Attack July 22, 2017
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A extremely derogatory term for someone who is very stupid.
Bill: Joe the earth is flat, and I chose to become a flat earther.
Joe: Nasa and SpaceX are streaming it from satellites right now on Youtube and it's round.
Bill:(without evidence)No those are computer generated images.

(Sidenote: Most Flat Earth believers think Nasa has workers who graphically design those Youtube videos from scratch, instead of taking raw footage from a satellite.
by BeatMeatRepeat June 22, 2018
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Strange Humans that believe the conspiracy that planet earth is flat.
Hey, welcome to the Flat Earthers club take a seat and our international meeting with start in 5 minutes so get prepared to lose more brain cells than you currently have
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by The Urban Dictionarian July 07, 2018
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