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A chav hat where the peak has to be completely flat, otherwise the chav will "Merk" you if you bend it. The sticker of "New Era" is often left on most of them, if not all of them.
Chav 1: Nah mate, check dat flat peak!
Chav 2: Man dats nuthin, I've got an NY one at home.
by Baggaz January 05, 2008
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An individual who wears a flat peak\brim type baseball hat and exhibits characteristics associated with the type of person who wears this style of hat. Usually has a sleeve tattoo and Monster energy or Metal Mulisha stickers on their car. They are a sub-species of the type of human known in Australia and NZ as a "bogan" or in the U.K as a "chav". Can often be seen vaping and driving Subaru WRX's.
"A couple of flat peaks just abused me as I was walking along the road"
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