a derogatory term for a German American from southern Indiana, particularly from the town of Jasper, Indiana.
I wonder how much beer those flat heads in Jasper will drink this year at their Strassenfest?
by Kraut Stain March 02, 2010
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Slang for a mentally retarded person. Just like the word "retard" it can be used to call someone stupid that may not be mentally retarded.
Dude, sorry I messed up. I am such a flat head.
by Brettus March 26, 2008
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slow, not smart. Not stupid, just not quick on the uptake.
I closed in for a kiss, but ed was a bit flat-headed and failed to pick up my cue.
by henrysfeelingfine January 03, 2007
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When your banging a girl and you fuck her so hard she hits her head on the top of the bed.
Ross I gave my girl a flat head last nigh.
by Jeff wood August 05, 2017
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