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The underlying female brain activity that manifests itself in seemingly irrational yelling, tears, moping, arguing or other anti-intuitive behavior. Though present constantly, fizzle fozzle is usually more prevalent during the week before menstruation. It is thought that this brain activity sounds like a swarm of bees.
"Hey man, how was your night?"
"Not bad, yours?"
"Unnngh, Fizzle Fozzle city. She took some shit at work and I made some stupid joke about her being cute. She starts laying in to me and doesn't let up for ten minutes. Then the silent treatment for an hour. In our freakin' 1 room apartment. Then she starts crying."
"Ouch, that time of the month?"
"Not even."
"Aw dude..."
by Dr. Rocksenburger May 22, 2009
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