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A five star hater is the worst kind of hater there is, in the sense that they do not have the ability to show happiness for a particular person. Five star haters are much more exteme than normal haters and become rather obsessive with "hating on you." These extreme haters resort to violence, verbal abuse, explicit language, back stabbing, well placed boobie traps, and possibly guns. Their mission is to destroy your confidence, turn your friends against you, stalk you, and make your life a living hell. When encountering a possible five star hater, approach with caution (they have a distinct ability to smell a combination of fear and nervousness), observe, and finally determine if they are infact a five star hater, if so, sprint the opposite direction of the five star hater and don't stop. Do not try to get even with these haters because they feed off of anger and your hopelessness. Stay safe and defend yourself from five star haters, it could be anyone and you don't even know it.
Emily (five star hater)- Hey Will, I saw you yesterday

Will- Oh, where did you see me?

Emily- Animal Planet! You were the hippopotamus!

Everyone else- Emily, you are such a five star hater!!!!
(Now if you observe, Will did not give in to the hater and may not even be aware that Emily is a five star hater. A classic example of the early development of an extreme five star hater and it will only esclate. If Will was smart, he would already have ran away at "Hey Will.")
by Secretivehatersbackoff September 25, 2012
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