The Fetish of wrapping a fishing line around ones balls until the pressure either ruptures a testicle or blows open someone's sack.
Man. Coleman's got that fishing line fetish.
by Skeletal_Kobra January 6, 2014
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customer, sucker, patron (in business)
dave told me he was going to leave for the day, but hes' got a fish on the line
by michael foolsley November 26, 2009
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Text messages sent out to random sluts in your sluttation in hopes that at least one will get back to you so you can get laid. Fishing lines can be sent out at the beginning of the night or drunken at 3 am.
J: Yo what are we gonna do tonight?
F: Well I'm throwin out some fishing lines right now. Hopefully one of these sluts gets back to me and we can just get drunk and slam em till 7 am.
by JoeDefinesThings June 14, 2011
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When your partner bites down on your dick while giving a blowjob and you start running backwards causing her to flop around like a fish on a line
“How’d your first blowjob go?” “She bit down on it and gave me a fish on the line
by CreationOfPorygon December 2, 2022
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