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Shit people take way too seriously.
For example:
An annual hockey game, hosted by Finland and Sweden alternately, which is literally the high point of some people's pathetic years. Then there's also the annual decathlon, equally pathetically adored. I don't know about Swedes, but just about every single Finnish person I've met (excluding myself, of course) hates Sweden with a passion. At least while these stupid sport things are going on. I swear, the high point of most Finns' lives was when we beat Sweden for the hockey World Cup in 1995, in their stadium. Huzzah. I wasn't old enough to remember anything then, but judging from stories I've heard, 'twas a party like no other. There's been a song or two written about it. And then, of course, there's "Den glider in”.
And of course there's all the sayings we have about Sweden and whatnot. Like "Tärkeintä ei ole voitto, vaan se, että Ruotsi häviää" ("The most important thing is not victory, but that Sweden loses"). Not to mention all our jokes... Think blonde jokes, but replace "blonde" with "Swede". I've heard that Swedes also have similar jokes -- about Norwegians. It's a common stereotype in Finland that Swedes are stupid, and therefore Fennoswedes may be slightly discriminated against (although it's nothing compared to racial discrimination otherwise. Finnish people make me sick sometimes).
The stupidest thing? It has no logical beginning.
Finn 1: Wanna hear a Finland-Sweden rivalry joke?
Finn 2: Yeah!
Finn 1: What's a Swedish equivalent of a perpetual motion machine?
Finn 2: I don't know, tell me?
Finn 1: A piece of paper with "Please turn over" written on both sides!
by amy luu collis April 14, 2011
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