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I may just have a nervous breakdown because of my finals
by Feif December 02, 2003
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An ugly thing that college and high school students must deal with at the end of a semester/quarter/trimester. Very unpleasant to deal with. When dealing with a "final", one usually drinks excess amounts of coffee and sleeps very little.
sad student: I have a 3 hour final in my Chem 3B class and I think I'm gonna bomb it.
sympathetic friend: I'm sorry, I feel your pain. I have a lab final tomorrow in Bio 1A.
sad student: bummer
by Miss Cinders August 12, 2006
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End of term exams that usually last 1-2 weeks. The worst part of existence for a high school or college student.

Finals are an attempt by teachers to prove that you haven't been bullshitting the entire class, which of course you have. Thus, finals week consists of subsisting on copious amounts of caffeine, limited amounts of sleep, and study sheets downloaded from the internet. Also characterized by large amounts of panic and procrastination posts on Facebook and Twitter.

They account for huge fucking amount of your grade, and it is scientifically proven that you never get the grade on your final that you want to.
Bob: I just want finals to be over. This is the worst week of my life.
by wakegirl January 17, 2012
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1)The acceptable title for a series of metaphoric anal-raping questions that are a base for your entire semester

2) Things people get too worried over, even though they can mess your day up real bad.
"Dude, it's finals week! This sucks!"

"I need to cram all night, I'm definitely going to fail, and then I'll have to study to get my credits over the summer, and work two jobs and-"
"Dude, shut the fuck up!"
by Ron Cumberdale June 01, 2005
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Big tests that are worth too much and are supposedly important.
Why am I writing this? I have finals due yesterday!
by Awnold January 17, 2008
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the finals are tomorrow..

shit; i gotta study for the finals..
by J_R0Ck August 11, 2007
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