having a fifty dollar bill is a way of slyly telling potnas that you are righteously high under the influence of marijuana
if you want to know if someone is high ask, "hey, got a fifty dollar bill?"
or, if you wanna smoke with them ask "Hey, wanna get a fifty dollar bill?"
-you will be led to crazy ephipanies and ridiculously good times-

by hurricane e-piph June 21, 2006
1. 6 Quarters

2. A dick and two balls
Hey Billy, do you got a dollar fifty?
No, I don't have any money on me.
Everybody laughs at Billy for saying he doesn't have a dick or balls.
by BillyNoBalls June 26, 2008
Second-grade joke where the victim is asked if he has a "dollar-fifty" (The quarters being testicles and the dollar being a penis) When the victim answers "no" he is then humiliated in front of his peers.
Tom: "Hey Chris, do you have a dollar-fifty?"
Chris: "No, why?"
(large amount of childish laughter)
by -Special Ed- December 6, 2009
a dollar fifty is used in a childish prank. "Do you have a dollar fifty?" It means a dollar for the penis, and a quarter for each of the balls. So, if you are outta money, and you saw "naww..." people will laugh at you.
"Do you got a dollar-fifty?"
by LEETkid July 1, 2005