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A collection of superior motorcycle riders loosley based in fife scotland.

Main purpose of the group is performance motor cycle riding,but these fine chaps do a lot of fine work for charity as well.

There of course some ne`er do wells amongst them,user Edexup is renowed for his sticky out knees and inability to corner very fast.User mitch is well known for throwing the toys out the pram and having no sense of humour

The group was initially set up by user Beej but he has decided to turn his back on his friends and work for the other side now(the police)The decision was probably made by the fact he is crap on a bike and is lacking in the sexual department

the fine fife bikers do lots of work for charity
by beat you to it May 08, 2008
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fifebikers - a free to use and enjoy bike forum, which thrives on free speech.

Not suitable for narrow minded cakeys with small sexual organs
we haven't banned Mitch from fifebikers, and he's a fud

Mitch, he has a small penis, therefore won't get the humour on fifebikers, but I'm glad to see he's trying
by freedomofspeachforum May 05, 2008
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No1 Free Speach Bike Forum

Found in Fife, and thrives on free speach.
God, I wish the Bakers was like Fifebikers, you can say what ye like there

Wish I was able to show my true metal and leave the Bakers and join a decent forum like fifbikers
by freedomofspeachforum May 05, 2008
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a term used to depict a level of motorcycling normally associated with demi-gods
don't think he's on fifebikers, he crashed that Pan like a loser

it all about fifebikers man, it's the shit dawg
by freedomofspeachforum May 06, 2008
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