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One who continuously plays with the same team and brags when they win 1 out of 10 games. They gloat and have that stupid smile glued on their face until they get raped in the near future. They brag so much you just want to sink your fucking foot down their throat. A Fifa whore can also be one who sells their Fifa skills for money (a.k.a. Fifa Harlot). Most of the time you can find the type of person in a Fifa brothel wearing skimpy clothing, and experimenting with teams in the french league. Fifa whores are typically pretentious assholes who have nothing better to do than constantly hit the rematch option after loosing a game, begin bragging even when they are on a loosing streak, and punch their brothers and blame their parents gene pool on Fifa losses. A Fifa whore grips the controller like a little girl, using only two fingers on the RB, LB, RT, and LT buttons. Playing a Fifa whore complains when their opponent uses Ronaldo/ Messi saying (in whorish voice), "You can only play with Ronaldo and Messi." Finally Fifa whores are the types who, after a game has just ended and are victorious, say "I'm done playing for now."
I hate children. Especially the son that Fifa had with that whore. A Fifa Whore.
by Frank John Storteller August 01, 2011
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