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He doesnt play Football? What does he play? SOCCER?!? WHAT A FIELD FAIRY
by Raja June 01, 2003
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an untrue term that a lot of people in minnesota call people who play soccer because they think it is a wimpy sport.
Me: i just ran 4 miles in soccer practice tired
idiot:meh, field fairy
by Jared Jerzak June 05, 2007
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Football players, soccer players. Any group of men that engages with each other on the field.
Guy 1: Did you see Bret Farve bend his finger?
Guy 2: Yeah, and then he started to cry.
Guy 1: What a field Fairy
by lawl12221 February 08, 2010
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One that plays soccer while flying a flag of queer colors and wearing a unicorn costume.
I saw my classmate being a field fairy at practice today.
by Jackmehoffright August 08, 2018
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