When you're bangin a chick doggy style and you shove her face in dog shit as you cum.
I did a dirty fido in malibu a while back . It was awkwardly awesome
by CHOCOLATES MILK October 22, 2015
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When a girl smears her vagina in peanut butter, and then lets her dog lick it off.
Hey did you hear about the girl who got a Fido lick?

No, I'm not into that kind of stuff.
by 74826748 March 11, 2014
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aka Pearl, who goes to brentwood high and bangs every guy she sees.
Fido has peg legs and fucks her bf, andrew, all the time.
by JENPER December 30, 2005
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an individual that drives hannah CRAAZYY
Fido stop being such an asshole ( eg. back-talk )
by hannah January 6, 2005
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