Oh, you mean Josie? No dude, shes totes fido, she would never cheat.
by Teachurs Sub January 14, 2020
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Waste matter that has passed through the anus of a dog (Canis). All too frequently malodorous; generally displeasing.
"Tom & John both trod in a fair amount of Fido while playing football in the back garden, then unthinkingly brought it into Mary's clean house on the soles of their new sneakers, soiling the scullery floor."
by LevTrotsky April 3, 2017
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Worker, fetcher, or basically anyone you can order to do various jobs. The best example of this is Fido from the GTA game series which is the main character who does many jobs for local crime bosses.
That fido will do anything you say.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 4, 2005
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amazingly hot junior/senior boy who frosh like to follow and look at while being pathetic together.
"Hey Lulie, let's go look at Fido!"
by theinformed1 September 2, 2006
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Fuck it, Drive on. We don't have time to fix this situation.
Such as when a soldier falls off the truck or reinforcements will arrive too late to do any good.
by majorfraser February 20, 2005
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A funny nickname for the main character of GTA3, nice alternative to, "the mute dude from GTA3". People call him this in reference to the way Maria kept calling him this throughout the game.
"Good old Fido, he's living proof actions speak louder than words, only a true badass can takeover an entire town and not have to say a single word to anyone!"
by detweeze July 13, 2004
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