german phrase for "fuck you" / "fuck off". short for "fick Dich selbst" or "fick Dich ins Knie" ("fuck your knee") which both means "go masturbate"

Fick Dich, Wichser, fick dich doch ins Knie.... (heiter bis wolkig)

Fick Dich weg, Du Homofürst!
by pkard March 21, 2008
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Fuck You (typed correctly) Feek
Fick dich schlampe (fu u Slut)
Fick Deine Mutter..........(fuck ur mom)
Fick Den Rest...........
Fickt Euch Alle.....(fu All)

Abgefickt (fucked up)


Fick die ami bauern die denken hitler lebt noch und alle deutschn nazis sind
(fk those american morons who think hitler is still alive and all krautz are nazis..... :)
by Fulltimebroker FDR April 8, 2017
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Ficken comes from the verb- to fuck. Fick dich isn't an insult. it's saying fuck you(sexually) so your not saying much. If you want to say "fuck you" in German. use. "Verpiss dich!"
Lass mich allein! HE!!! VERPISS DICH blöde sau!
by Court March 9, 2005
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1. The german phrase meaning "fuck you." 2. A smart ass.
Stop being such a fick dich.
by Miryam Websta April 25, 2004
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German expression meaning "fuck off" or just "fuck you", literally "fuck your knee". The origin of this expression is a pun with the archaic word "Kniefiez", meaning a very avaricious person such as Scrooge McDuck. Therefore, its original meaning was "If you're to cheap for that, you can go and fuck yourself.". However, with time it has become a more general expression that could be used equally well in any other context.
100 Mark für einmal kurz blasen? Fick dich ins Knie!
by Aquifex March 30, 2009
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