Normally a hair dressers car. But are occasionally driven my there boyfriends who are that far wedged under the thumb they are not allowed to drive the main car in the family (usually a BMW, Mercedes, Audi)
"Hey did u see that pube head try to cut me up in his fiat 500"
" leave him alone the Fiat 500 cunt has probably just been bitch slapped by his woman"
by Gremmo July 24, 2017
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You are a Fiat and we are a Ferrari means that we're better than you. We're not trying to offend you and your friends in anyway but you guys are firecrackers and we're rockets. Also you guys are just a shadow of what we are. WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU!

Hope this clears up everything
Cheers butt buddies.
Definition on: You are a Fiat and we are a Ferrari.
Awakening is a fiat. The Unforgiven is a Ferrari.
You guys are like a fiat. We're like a Ferrari.
The meaning is that the Ferrari is faster and better than the Fiat. The point is that they are better than the rest.

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Ye, they are trying to block my link! But it's totally worth copy pasting at the end of youtube.
by T3rrorthor May 27, 2010
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A cryptocurrency maximalist who is often without fiat currency. Therefore, this individual is almost always unable to pay bills immediately and requires to first covert cryptocurrency to fiat currency.
John - “I always have to pay for your tab. You never have money”
David - “I’ll covert some crypto and send it to you later”
John - “You non fiat having ass motherfucker!”
Washington - “sheeeeeeeeeeet”
by Pseudo Gem April 13, 2021
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When something hits an all-time high only to crash and burn - this applies to stocks, alt-coins, people, and things
Ethereum at 4300 was peak fiat
by Jolly Lollipop July 12, 2021
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Fiat: a fit fat guy. Well defined arms, with a beer belly.
Which one is he?
The fiat across the bar.
by The Fiat February 24, 2018
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Stands for: For Islam And Terrorists
Hey you know, I want a fiat

You do know that for Islam and terrorists only?
by Suckycockynow April 18, 2019
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