the fiat 500 is a very deadly vehicle only driven by hard folk
by September 14, 2020
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Amount of money required to fix your Italian Sports Car
My Ferrari tune-up costs Fiat Money to service.

The Alpha Romeo electical system shorted again. It's going to take Fiat Money to repair
by ian January 16, 2004
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Simply, a slang expression used at the end of a sentence by someone to add intention to a story or anecdote.
She had a proper dirty mouth ... U know, FIAT UNO.
by Big Bag May 23, 2007
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Basic british white girls on Twitter that post about hangovers, boys, food, tango ice blasts, and generic life advice that for some reason gets thousands of retweets, usually adding an 'x' on the end for some sort of comedic value that is lost on the rest of the population/world. Usually all have the same picture in front of the exact same door as their profile picture.
"just found out that one of my 'pals' shagged my ex when we were together, in my house while I was sleeping, happy sunday everyone x" - fiat 500 twitter

"Am not being anyone's second choice n that's simple as that"

"could shag a nandos like"

"Sooooo hungover, jus want a maccies, chinese and cuddles insert general emoji here"

"If you make fun of someone for getting excited about something or having fun, you're the worst x"

"a HATE GETTING FUCKING ignored, whether its off a boy or off my pals, a think its the most ignorant thing someone can do"
by FiJSat March 01, 2018
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Basically just the chavs of twitter, mainly white girls age 16-25 tweeting about love island, how badly they want a nandos, or how their boyfriends been shagging some other girl for the past month, they often put "x" at the end of their tweets because they somehow think that its really funny. They pretty much all have insane amounts of fake tan, they're the type of people that think ordering spicy food is a personality trait.

Fiat 500 twitter HQ is Chelmsford, Essex.
"don't care what anyone says😩 i just think airports are bangin like🔥 6am maccies with the girls before ibiza😍 it'd make you want to not even go on holidays and just stay at the airport ❤️" - fiat 500 twitter

"I’m available for a date Friday if anyone wants to take me on one x"

"Convinced boys pretend to like beer x"
by Azai July 13, 2020
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To be a part of fiat 500 twitter you must:
- Stand in front of a door in your twitter avi

- Tweet about your boyfriend and how much of a psycho you are
- Tweet about how much you fancy a Chinese/McDonald's

- Want to get your hair and nails done
- Use emojis unironically
She’s a basic bitch, she’s deffo a part of Fiat 500 Twitter.
by boriniboy January 04, 2018
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