a super over the top fatass mofo who was a small penis and has 1 friend named big meech
Look at Fiat Miat over there i guess big meech didnt wanna hangout
by youdontknowroo August 14, 2011
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In tf2 trading, overpricing your Items to an unreasonably high degree and preying on unsuspecting traders to make a quick buck.
Trader 1: Hey dude, I just got offered a circling heart pencil for my Sunbeams Team Captain. The dude says I can fetch 3,000 keys pure on it easy because its a misc.
Trader 2: Don't fall for it! He's pulling The Fiat Act on you.
Trader 1: You're right, I just noticed the buy and sell orders.
by FuckMyFeathers November 27, 2018
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A complete pile of fucking horse shit with an engine and four wheels. Looking to be overtaken by every other car on the fucking road (including hybrids?) buy a Fiat Punto. The worst day of my life was when I bought it, the best day was when I sold it.
Me: What car do you drive?

Looser: A Fiat Punto

Me: Fuck off you poor cunt.
by Anon_4_U June 15, 2011
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The GM is always right. No matter the Dice rolls he wins, The GM always wins
Player: W00t! I rolled a crit again! your Dragon is dead in two hits!
Gm: No it isn't.
Player: What? Why not?
Gm: GM Fiat...
Player: damnit!
by Arimmus October 16, 2010
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When a woman's vagina tastes like battery acid.
I couldn't go down on her, she tasted like a '92 Fiat.

It tasted like a '92 Fiat down there.
by Did I Hit It? May 29, 2011
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the fiat 500 is a very deadly vehicle only driven by hard folk
by September 14, 2020
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