Porn for people with specific fetishes. Some of it can be somewhat normal ( Foot Fetishes ) to downright gross/ horrifying ( 2 Girls 1 Cup ).
My Mom caught me watching Fetish Porn...fuck my life.
by Assassin aprentice July 24, 2016
1. Porn Fetish is what you get when u r horny. 2. U c a hot girl and think, " i wanna c her naked, or i wanna bang her. 3. When u suddenly have the urge to watch porn and masturbate. 4. When u c a hot girl on tv and think, " dude i wonder is shes got her own pornsite!!". U most commenly have a porn fetish when u masterbate every night, otherwise feeling u arent complete.
Guy 1. Dude Justin Beiber must totally have a gay porn fetish!
Guy 2. Why?
Guy 1. Cuz. u think that he thinks a chick will ever sleep with him???
Guy 2. No... But a guy mite!
Guy 1. Ya u dumbass. Hes definatley got a porn fetish.
Guy 2. Yup
by PussySlayer69 December 21, 2011