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This is a common condition affecting large numbers of people in schools, colleges and workplaces. This disease is made widespread when a small number of people come back from a large festival and tell their friends how good it was. Their friends will then decide to go the next year and will purchase tickets. Other friends or colleagues will then want to go as they think this is starting to become a new trend and like to keep up with whats fashionable. Conflicts often occur when one group dislikes the thought of the other attending the event and arguments are common.
These people are known as Festival Nazis
Festival goer: "that festival was sick, you gotta go next year"
Friend: "yeah definately, we should get all of our friends to come, it will be great"

Festival fever sufferer: "wow they're going to that festival, we should go to"
Festival fever sufferer 2: "yeah, but aren't we copying them"

Unrelated person: "some people are going to this festival, it looks like good fun, lets just go for the banter"
Unrelated person 2: "yeah, Banter!"
by Its behind you! September 08, 2010
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