Ferrari, one of the most respected high quality sports cars for the rich and highly sophisticated. Im not talking a cheap ass 308 gts which I can find on ebay for 20,000$. Im Talking about the 575m with tan hides and F1 shifting with the shields on the side of the car. Im talking about 800$ oil changes and changing the tired after driving 2,000 miles. Nothing big right? A USED 575m right now is about 165,000$. You can get about 5 BMW 3 series,or 2 Porsche Carrera, or 15 honda insights. To drive a ferrari, you need to have pride. Many of the guys who get them, just whip out a check book. Often for ferrari owners is to have fleets of them, maybe 8 or so. If you are a real car enthusaist. ferrari porsche and maybe maserati use the same face plate for there stereo.
Man 1- I just bought my 308 gts this weekend, rossa corsa red with black hids. Its amazing man

Man 2- thats nice... even though i have a couple 355's and a brand new F430, and my 575m. I guess you can call yours a ferrari. I compare it to a porsche boxster... yeah it has the porsche name on it, but is it really a porsche? By the way gts stands for Got To Sell.
by Bob m April 17, 2006
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Once a well-known car manufacture known for racing in formula one, Ferrari has unfortunately de-evolved into a brand for rich douchebags who only use it to show off.
"I'm gonna flex on my haters by showing off my Ferrari
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by FiggyMiggy March 09, 2019
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A once great sports car manufacturer, whos cars used to be beautiful and have wonderful engines. Now their current cars: the 612 Scaglietti, 599 GTB Fiorano and F430 coupe and spider, are hideously ugly, but still have amazing engines. They were once the best sports car manufacturer in the world, now they have resorted to electronics and the title of the best sports car goes to Pagani, a manufacturer of a very rare beautiful car the Zonda F.
The Pagani Zonda F is much more exclusive, exquisite and better looking than any Ferrari. Ferraris are just for new money who want to show off they have money, so wont go for something truly unique.
by matt2 March 09, 2007
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awsome car that goes like two hundred MPH and costs like six hundred thousand dollars
hey bill gates what are you driving to the microsoft partay?
"oh nuthing just my ferrari"
by bravens666 November 12, 2007
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A ferrarizzle, my nizzle! The bestizzle carrizzle in the worldizzle!
Izzle havizzle a ferrarizzle enzoliolo!
by Snop August 24, 2004
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Popular North Eastern United States Independent Manager - Manages Marc Mandrake.
Ferrari is the greatest manager in New York State, if not the whole North East, if not the US, if not the world.
by Hall Monitor Suze May 06, 2005
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