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Cove memories will never be forgotten. You put on the green and whites, put the back strap up on your Crocs, grab your tennis racket, or waterbottle, or swimcap and nothing else matters. It doesn't matter that the showers are ice cold or that you got a 14 on inspection that morning. Heres to Nancy Bars, Singing in the Rain, wanger-bangers, Moxie, Skippy, the crib, the contact sport at the fluff table, horse vaulting, getting mail, soccer tournaments, the 6 feet rule, spending most of trip days lost, Gez's reveille's, Don Wise, mystery haircut, lazy Sundays, and crying at services. The amazing Katie's funky art classes, Walmart, claymation, beach volleyball, mini courses, flam, star gazing, reading under the tree, JillandKate, early mornings, late nights, color war, Cove pals, skinnydipping, Gez "dying", knowing exactly what to put in our pillowcases at Dutch Auction. Ms. Fernwood Cove pageants, spending hours getting ready for guys from creepy camps that we all know are ugly and we'll never see them again, banquet, campfire, rainy days, swimming to the island, running from 5th focus so hard that when you finally reach the Bird Bath you can hear your heart pounding, and most importantly, the girls and memories that will always be in your heart. Everything at Fernwood Cove is PERFECT!!
-Where do you go to camp?
-Only the best place in the world, FERNWOOD COVE!
by Jen and Paige December 03, 2006
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The most amazing place you will ever be. Fernwood Cove is magic. Are you ready for counselor hunt, Miss Fernwood Cove, bad scores on bunk cleanup, and more extraordinarynessness? Your ordinary world friends won't understand the sisterhood that forms between campers. Take in every moment, because before you know it, your senior summer will be over.
Fernwood Cove=love
by Sen10r Audrey September 07, 2010
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