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The school where we compete in sports that we actually suck at. Like football and Basketball. The only team good is our Special Olympics and that says a lot. The kids juul and hit carties in the bathroom as a “bathroom break” from class. Nobody even knows that this school exists but it’s okay because the kids are all fucking lame and can’t throw parties for shit. Everyone in Bensenville might as well just live in Elmhurst since that’s where everyone hangs out and tries to suck dick.All the girls wear crocs, leggings, and some lulu lemon bullshit and think they’re hot shit. The guys wear these ugly blue jumpsuits during the season and make them look like complete idiots. Anyways what the fuck is a Bison?
Kid 1 : Yo let’s slide to that party the girl from Fenton High School is throwing!
Kid 2 : Nah g that shits popped, i’m going to elmhurst instead
by buckthefison July 16, 2018
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