When you stick your weiner into a girls glizzyhole so hard that she cums within 5 seconds her gspot no longer exists
Fendering “Chloe Got Fendered by Tom at the party last night i heard the bed rocking from down the street”
by A Man Who Likes Crackers September 30, 2020
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A person who tends a fire in a wood stove/fireplace. Commonly used by old school Vermonters and people that watch weird British television.
The fender master needs to put a log on the fire STAT .
by Vermont Vermont November 03, 2017
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A nice way of saying Hoodrat.If you are a sophisticated Hoodrat you might be a Fender Rodent.
This park be full of Fender Rodents today.
by ForbidenCandy November 25, 2015
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When there's no actual food in your house, so everyone fends for themselves.
"Mom said it's fenders' night. I claim the leftover Chinese food."
by sunflower_seed_addict January 05, 2020
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When someone doesn't "use the brush after they flush" on a regular basis in the workplace.
Damn girl - the Poo-fender has been at it again! That biatch doesn't use the brush after she flushes yo!
by LouUnder June 14, 2015
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When a girl farts and the gas bubble travels up the front side and is squeezed through the Labia, the girl says "that one tickled my fenders"!
by Taddeipole December 07, 2015
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