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People who want equal rights between men and women but are against equal responsibilities for both genders. A lot of feminists in 2018 wants only females to have powers and be worshiped by males. Feminists think they deserve much more than men without having to do the work for it. They usually uses the term "rape" for everything males do that females disagree with. Feminists are always unsatisfied because they complain about anything they don't like and can't accept the fact the they can't always get what they want. Also, a lot of feminists are really uneducated and can lose to arguments against a middle school student. Feminists are mostly WHITE middle-aged females that are VIRGINS.
Feminists: Women should have more responsibilities. We should fight for equal responsibilities. Men are so unreliable and stupid. Feminists are superior among st everybody else.

Feminists: Women have too much responsibilities. We should fight for equal responsibilities. Men are so unreliable and stupid. Feminists are superior among st everybody else.
by Little Pumpernickel August 21, 2018
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A straight male who doesnt express enthusasium towards chauvinistic remarks
Your buddy is such a FEMINIST , he doesnt show any interest when we go on with chauvinist jokes .
by Hef January 21, 2010
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A feminist is a person who believes that men and women are equal (though not necessarily the same), and should be entitled to equal rights, equal treatment, and equal opportunity.
The attainment of women's rights to vote, own property, and become leaders in business and politics are feminist victories.
by R L F June 30, 2009
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A person who supports equality between the sexes. Feminists can be (and are) women, men, and transpeople. Feminists are black, white, and everything in between. Feminists are straight, gay, and bisexual. Feminists understand that inequality effects everyone.

Feminists ARE NOT Nazis, or women who can't get laid. The very existence of these views is proof that feminism still has a lot of work to do.

Some feminists shave, and some don't. Some are "fashionable", some aren't. Just like any other group of people.

Not all feminists are lesbians, though lesbians can be feminists. The ongoing Civil Rights movement and the push for gay marriage are often associated with feminism as each cause expresses a very sane desire to create world recognition of our intrinsic equality.
John: Lisa's a feminist? You mean a bitch, right?
Max: She just believes in equal rights, man. I'm a feminist, too.
by Katyakahlo August 11, 2009
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A person who is feared and hence defamed and discredited by jocks, frat boys and men of inferior intelligence and/or sexual prowess.
Bob the III: Dude, did you see this chick at our frat party? Smokin hot, riiight?
Jim the IV: Yeah man, but she's a feminist... so let's be really, really clever and tell everyone that she's a dyke that never shaves!
by The Happy Humanist January 17, 2010
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Anyone who can read between the lines of misogyny. And then, with grace and intelligence, acts appropriately to fight against it.
Man, have you checked out the myspace page of A Panterinha? She is fighting misogyny one blog at a time! Now she is what a feminist should look like.
by Leah Topplers October 6, 2009
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someone who believes in equal rights for men and women,
i'm a girl and i have a feeling this'll never happen. if men and women were equal, guys would have permission to hit me right in the face and who wants that?

note: feminists and femiNAZIS are very different, just so you know.
example of feminist: myself, sort of
example of feminazi: warped minded, bra burning, hairy monster woman who screams at the smallest thing. see, Rosie O'Donnell.
by girl369x February 3, 2008
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