A comedy 'feminism' site that panders to snowflake millennials who enjoy defining themselves with several labels at once to illustrate their special uniqueness. Example; Fucktard is a cisqueer demiboi multipersonality pansexual differently abled lunatic who identifies as fat. Fucktard's preferred pronouns are Bum/Bumface. Bum has a degree from the University of East Grinstead in Queer 20th Century Chanting and is funded by Bumface's weary parents while Bum writes navel gazing tripe for sites such as Everyday Feminism about Why Buying Tampons Kills TransFolx and Six Ways Why Brain Tumours Are Exclusionary To Those Who Don't Have Brains.

Frequented by transgender people and gullible, wide eyed millennials, the heavy handed admins will censor commentary by those who show potential for critical thought and a basic understanding of biology.
My friend Twinkletoes is interning at Everyday Feminism! They have written an awesome piece on How Your Diet Is Erasing And Fat Shaming Obese Folk. It's so on point!
by Bumfacemcbum February 15, 2017
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Schrödinger's feminism: a woman is simultaneously a victim and empowered, until something happens. Then she chooses which state benefits her the most.
A sandwich? I am tired of your sexism! I am a strong and epowered women.

*WW3 starts*
Hey honey, which beer do you want with the sanwich?
.... Here it is, the Schrödinger's feminism.
by daarksideYT May 10, 2022
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The belief that women should always be higher up than men. Often backed with physical or verbal abuse towards the other gender. Not to be confused with feminism.
Man, this TOXIC Feminism is just ruining my day.
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the worst kind of feminism. these cunts will write the stupidest shit I have heard.
for example: the're like ISIS to muslims. they give them a bad name.
you either like or don't like buzzfeed feminism.
by elongatedmuscrat69 December 18, 2018
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A female who believes in feminism (normally the extremist tumblrina or sjw variety) and being equal to (or greater than in some cases) men only when it is beneficial to them.
Selective Feminism User: "I believe in equality for women because men are oppressive rapist scum."
Man: "Alright. Waiter, can we split the bill?"
by Glad2BAGland August 13, 2014
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A brand of feminism centered around the ideals and struggles of primarily white women. While not outright exclusive, its failure to consider other women and its preoccupation with Western standards and the problems faced by the "average woman" is often alienating to women of color, non-straight women, trans women, and women belonging to religious or cultural minorities.
"Muslim women shouldn't be allowed to wear hijabs or burqas because they are oppressive."
"That sounds like white feminism. Many Muslim women wear them of their own free will."
by laycandle February 11, 2015
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An embodiment of double standards and misandry, that is void of self reflection. Where Third Wave Feminists believe it is OK to behave rudely towards the opposite sex for no reason other than the fact they are male. They condemn what they deem as "toxically masculine" behaviors among men such as competitiveness, love for physical activities, and emotional stoicism. Ironically, they see no fault with their juvenilely privileged and sheltered female behaviors, such as spreading gossip, commenting on one another's clothing, oggling hot guys, and overreacting emotionally to trivial things.
- Guy: "I've been practicing Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu lately. I love it! It keeps me on an even keel."

- Girl1: "OMG, that is so typical male toxic behavior. Why do you guys always have to be so violent?"

- Girl2: "Oh Girl1, I love your hair! It matches perfectly with what you're wearing!"

- Girl1: "Oh Thank you so much! I like how your earrings match with you shoes and purse! It reminds me of that model on page 23 in Cosmo. OMG by the way, have you seen that guy at the pool last week? He is so yummy!"

- Guy: "Er.....girls, why should me, as a guy, enjoying my martial arts practice be condemned as 'toxic masculinity' while childish gossiping and outfit-chatting is considered ok?

- Girl1: "It's because you're a man, and your male behavior is forceful and condemnable."

- Guy: "Talk about toxic feminism..."
by NeodoreLogan April 26, 2019
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