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The savage disdain that some crazy women and some truly disturbing men have for the act of fellatio. The women are known as "Selfish, frigid bitch" and the men are known as "Sexually repressed, unfucktionate weirdo". There does seem to be a rule here however, when it comes to those who will open declare Fellate Hate. The "Selfish, frigid bitch" will usually have absolutely no issue whatsoever with cunnilingus, whereas the "Sexually repressed, unfucktionate weirdo" will have strong opinions against it. It's clear that one needs a sharp re-education, and the other needs shooting, as it is the kindest solution.
"How are things going with Rebecca?"
"That's SO over"
"Why? You guys were great together"
"I thought so too, until she openly admitted her fellate hate"
"Damn, what's wrong with that woman??"

"So, how are things with Tim?"
"We broke up after he twisted away when I tried to suck him off- he suffers with serious fellate hate"
"You're well out of it then!"
by MagickDio April 23, 2010
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